#3 Vincent Zhang 章伯軒

Age 年齡: 20

Language 能講語言: English 英文、 Mandarin 國語、Cantonese 粵語

Hobbies 興趣: Singing 唱歌、Acting 演戲、Dancing 跳舞

Special Talent 特別才能: Singing 唱歌

Favorite Singers喜愛歌手: Eason Chan 陳奕迅、 MayDay 五月天

Most Memorable Moment 最難忘經歷: Trip to Japan 去日本旅行

Best Attributes of your Body 最滿意身體部位: My eyes, they are bright 眼睛,夠明亮

Most Embarrassing Moment 最尷尬事情: My confession of love was refused 表白被拒

Dreams in Life 夢想: Be a singer, actor and model 當歌手、演員和模特兒

If you were asked to imitate a person, who would that be 如果要模仿一個人,會是誰?Eason Chan 陳奕迅